In addition to opening stores, Tekzen continues to invest in social responsibility projects. Under the “100% educational support” project carried out in every province where it opens a store, Tekzen has underlined the importance it gives to nature, art, and culture with its social responsibility projects conducted with several institutions such as Tema and Enat. This year it is sponsoring village schools under “100% educational support”. Tekzen is aware of the importance of education for children, the adults of the future… Prior to every store opening, according to the information obtained from the Provincial Education Directorates, Tekzen supports the village schools of that province, and puts a happy smile on the faces of little ones.

While continuing to proceed at full speed with its “Tekzen in every province” motto, Tekzen is also proud of its activities and projects and contributes to the development of social responsibility awareness and quality and quantity of practices.


The 29kW solar panel application installed on the roof of Tekzen Manavgat store is a good example of environmental responsibility both for Tekzen and Zen Enerji. “Tekzen plans for this investment to pay itself off in 8 years based on current electricity prices. In addition, the electricity obtained will be used to support work on new projects.”

In the meantime, with a financial method to be applied for the first time in Turkey, Tekzen will pay the price of the system to be installed in installments at a price lower than the existing tariff, much like the system used for paying electricity bills, and after a while will have the ownership of the system. The solar panels system, which was first installed in Manavgat store, will later be installed in Aydın store. The installment will then be performed in all stores located in all summer areas.


In order to be a hope for abandoned or lost animals, we created a platform titled Pet Call Center on the corporate page of our company,

Millions of visitors caring about the plight of street animals who are put down or abandoned to negligence and lovelessness, visit, which ensures that unprotected and lost street animals looking for a home are united with animal lovers. This allows us to help our furry friends find new homes and lost animals to be reunited with their families. In addition, animal lovers can make an announcement on this platform for lost pets or furry friends seeking new homes and make sure that the announcement reaches a wider public. With this project we were given the “Most Praiseworthy Social Responsibility Award” at the 9th Turkey Call Center Awards 2014.

It is our principle that, due to the respect for employees, consumers, nature, and the environment shown in the activities of Tekzen and our group companies, we will become a model and example with our social responsibility projects aiming at sustainable natural resource management, increased oxygen production, carbon absorbtion, and prevention of erosion. With this belief, in 2015 we replaced our paper used in inserts, which amounted to 1 million pieces monthly, with FSC-certified paper sourced from nature-friendly environmental forests. At the same time we are continuing to support the branding of Gökçeada as an organic island and with permanent enterprises with our group companies.

At IMBROZ production, EKOZEY manufacturing, and TEMARI marketing companies, we are producing and marketing our own raw materials. With Saklı Cennet brand, we offer healthier, organic, and are standard quality products to customers and trying to spread this awareness.

We create employment opportunities for the people around us, and we especially include women in the process by providing education. We are a member of ÇEDBİK, ETİD, AMPD, Bricoalliance, GFK, and EDRA. We are aware of the importance of more than 1000 business partners to our success. For this reason we are defining our mission as “Being a reliable and successful business partner who adds value to all stakeholders and is aware of social and environmental responsibility”. With this sensitivity, we love our country and we are trying to take part in social responsibility projects.