At EKOZEY milk and dairy products, olive oil, honey, and medicinal herb facilities, the milk of Happy Goats Farm is processed, olive oil is produced from the island’s olives, the honey sent from the regions of Gallipoli, Artvin, and Ardahan is processed and medicinal herbs, most of which are its own production, are dried and packed. In addition, in the apiculture facility in Gallipoli, consisting of 400 hives, organic honey is produced as well as pollen and propolis.

With these activities, Ekozey serves human health with organic products. It also contributes to the branding process of the island by being mentioned alongside organic production. Gokçeada, which is classified and supported as an organic agriculture zone by the Ministry of Agriculture and Husbandry, needs to be developed and promoted as an organic production and lifestyle without pollution.

This is extremely important for the future of us all. Our difference from our competitors is that all activities starting from production to marketing are being performed by companies in the same group. It is producing its own raw material and conducting its own marketing. Thus, it can offer consumers an organic product at a standard quality.

Ekozey factories are organically certified. All products that it produces are also certified. Organic olive cultivation is one of the most important agricultural production areas of Gökçeada. Our organically certified products are offered to consumers under the TEMA and Saklıcennet brands.


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