Company activities began in 2004 when a vineyard similar to the hobby garden in Gallipoli, Çanakkale was founded. It was expanded in 2011 with fruit gardens and worm facilities in Bursa Karacabey.

    As a result of the organic productions performed by our Imbroz and Ekozey companies in Gökçeada, the area of organic fertilizers attracted our attention and in 2011 we started organic fertilizer production with the worm fertilizer production plant in Karacabey which had a closed area of 2500m2 and a production capacity of 2 tons/day. One of the aims is to use the Yaprak brand worm fertilizer in our own organic production processes and sell to farmers who produce organic vegetables and fruits. Theintense use of chemicals has distorted the balance in agricultural systems and the soil, water, and air, and the food we eat has been contaminated. The results of such contamination and damage threaten all living things and human beings directly.

    However, as organic agriculture becomes more popular, we can protect natural resources and agricultural areas and safeguard human beings’ food. At the worm fertilizer production facility, Yaprak branded garden and flowerpot soil is also produced in addition to organic fertilizers and sold at Tekzen DIY stores.

    At the same time as the worm fertilizer production facility was founded, fruit gardens were being constructed on 26.4 hectares of land. In 2011, cherries, ginkgo biloba, and nectarines, and in 2012 apples, pears, and quince gardens were constructed. These gardens, which are surrounded by wire fences, benefit from drip irrigation systems. Nectarine production was stated in 2014 and cherry and apple production was launched in 2015. In our fruit garden a total of 16,000 saplings of various kinds have been planted. In a few years our gardens will reach their normal production capacity. Some 500 metric tons of organic fruit production is expected form our gardens.

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