Founded in 1997, Maksimum Lojistik serves in a number of sectors, such as national cargo transportation and multi-user and project-based storage and shelved stocking services. One of the principles of Maksimum Lojistik is to provide safe service under all conditions. The company developed its storage and distribution channel by itself in time, as a result of which it took its place among the leading companies in the industry. Targeting optimum cost and increasing customer satisfaction, Maksimum Lojistik takes “a sustainable, differentiated, and need-oriented” logistic service philosophy as its principle with each customer. By applying a “new generation management philosophy” to its logistics services, services, processes, and systems which carry modern and innovative mission to the top, it offers uninterrupted services to its business partners, and with the rationalist processes that it develops, it aims and unquestionably ensures constant customer satisfaction. For this reason, its aim is the principle of “maximum speed, maximum efficiency” and with its strategy expert employees it underlines the industry’s official and reassuring stance.


    Maksimum Lojistik was restructured in 2012 in line with the needs of the industry and began using information technologies effectively in vehicle monitoring, fleet management, order management, and store management. Investments were made on warehouse management softwares (WMS), vehicle tracking systems, modern supply chains, and the service offered to the customers became traceable and measurable. In addition, it gathered the entire supply chain of food, furniture, and explosive industries obtained from outside under a fully-safe roof and raised service quality to an internationally desired level. It has become the number 1 logistics proactive solution partner of suppliers in the DIY store industry.


    With over 150 employees and storage areas totaling up to 25,000m2 at seven satellite locations, Maksimum Lojistik offers its customers both a storage service and distribution service at home simultaneously and in a guaranteed manner. One of the most important aims is to provide strategic and fast solutions based on customer satisfaction and increase efficiency by performing awareness-raising process analyses.

    It took part in the logistics processes of products obtained by TEKZEN DIY stores at home and abroad—a major customer—managing the successful structure, which is dispersed to 112 stores in the entire country with a functional system. Maksimum Lojistik also offers its customers healthy solutions with software that accelerate logistics processes. These solutions have institutional and constructive strategic depth, and are handled, projected, and managed specifically for each customer. Beyond doubt this “solution-focused strategy production” is the biggest reason behind Maksimum Lojistik being an industry favorite for years. A rational solution strategy guarantees absolute success.


    Maxlines Lojistik İstanbul Genel Merkez
    Adres: Mimarsinan Merkez Mahallesi, Aka Sokak No:2 Büyükçekmece / ISTANBUL
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