Our most valuable resource is our employees. This resource is provided by a human resources pool consisting of individuals with different skills and experiences at every department from starting positions to top management positions; for this reason, we evaluate this “structure” that we built together in the industry as an essential asset of our company. One of the things that thrills us for the future is that this structure shines important beacon of light.

    In development programs we are showing the same attention we pay when choosing our human resources. These programs improve such skills of our employees as sincerity and cooperative teamwork, developing suggestions, and taking realistic decisions. In order to obtain excellence and continue sustainable success, we aim for our employees to see their job not only as a job or career but as a great passion.

    Our human resources policy is not only for Viem Yatırım companies; it is also for securing the future of everyone who changes, improves, and achieves throughout their entire lives. Another aspect of the investment made in human resources is represented by the social, environmental, and cultural protection activities that we have been continuing since our foundation as Viem since 1988.

    In short, Viem is a huge family of 3500 employees who aim to rise with common minds and common productivity in a working environment dominated by solidarity and cooperation. Our highest quality is our family spirit and our most important investment is our human one.


    Our Viem understanding supports the life-long professionalism perceptions of our employees and their careers, as well as contributing to their personal development. In this sense, “at Tekzen Academy, we are educating leaders who redefine the way we do our business.”

    Based on this awareness;


    Questioning the current situation and being innovative so as to obtain excellence.
    Being decisive in the light of concrete and realistic information.
    With a personal and intellectual curiosity, being on a constant quest to learn.
    Exceeding ourselves with sustainability and courage and shaping our entrepreneurial spirit with the responsibility of our future.


    Continuing to make strong steps in its journey to being an international brand, Tekzen has shaped its human resources philosophy within the framework of creating an organization that will make its competitive power sustainable. In line with a human resources philosophy, Viem educates new values in line with its constant development and competence strategy, and has adopted the following principles in the name of creating a corporate culture shared by all employees;

    With a management philosophy showing maximum importance and respect to human resources, ensuring that the highest ethical values are accepted and spread in all existing departments.
    With effective evaluation and assessment systems, adapting the right candidates to the right work processes.
    With an understanding suitable for Viem Competence Strategy, providing career opportunities to employees.
    With objective assessment using a shared language, measuring and honoring performance of employees.
    Allowing the development of new competences as regards performance and development.
    Believing in the continuity and development of individual and corporate competences. Continuing life-long learning.


    Viem human resources developed performance, career, assignment, and leadership management strategies in the name of increasing competence and efficiency in existing employee organization under Tekzen Competence System. Within this scope, the aim is to offer various opportunities to existing employees and increase success.


    In order to increase the efficiency and happiness of employees, Tekzen gives importance to personal development and offers personal development opportunity in organized training activities grouped under three categories;

    Technical training
    In-company training
    Development and leadership training


    We believe that our vision showing the picture of where we want to be in the future and our mission that we decide as a whole with our values and steps we take in line with our strategic targets can be possible with a performance-focused working philosophy.

    With performance management system, the aim is to;

    • Reveal new skills and competences.
    • Improve strong aspects and areas.
    • Ensure target compatibility with feedback model.
    • Create more constructive and efficient relations between employees with feedforward.
    • Create a continuous learning and development culture.