Involved in commercial activities since 1998, SERICO YAPI A.Ş. has brought different solutions and approaches to Turkey’s bathroom culture with bathtubs, hot tubs, cabins, and compact massage systems since 2003. In 2007, due to the increased demand for our company’s products and the changing quality control understanding, the acrylic tub, bathtub, and hot tub production line at two facilities in Istanbul Davutpaşa with a total area of 9000m2 was activated. Parallel to the production line investment, put into life in that year, the demands of national customers as well as foreign customer began to be met.


In 2012, due to the need for an integrated production plant, our company activated Tureky’s largest integrated bathtub, hot tub, and compact bathroom systems production facility with a 45,000km2 area—40,000km2 of which is closed and 5,000km2 of which is open—inside Hadımköy Akpınar Industrial Park and moved to this facility. With SERICO Yapı A.Ş.’ facility production capacity increased it gained the ability to gather quality control processes within its structure at every stage of manufacturing of the products.


SERICO Yapı A.Ş Malzemeleri is Turkey’s leading company in the packaged shower cabin and compact systems product range. In its new plant, it is performing specially-measured products and tempered glass cabins. It also had the opportunity of starting the investments made within its structure at its new plant. By working with Turkey’s leading chain of DIY stores, SERICO Yapı A.Ş reaches the end user with 350 sales partners in vendor sales channel. In addition, as of 2014, the number of countries where our company exports has reached 30.


SERICO Yapı A.Ş. manufactures its products at high-quality standards in production lines supported by technological investments and automation systems, and it also continues to improve its after-sales service network on a daily basis. With 350 teams and 24/7 service at 100 points throughout Turkey, SERICO Yapı A.Ş authorized services aim at keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level after sales.

As of 2012, SERICO Yapı A.Ş. gathered the production of acrylic sheets used in its production line within its structure, thus ending its dependency on other parties in the most intermediary product used in its products. As such, the first stage of quality control processes can begin within the company and negative results that can occur due to production capacity can be prevented. With this investment, the acrylic sheets used in SERICO Yapı A.Ş. products can be manufactured and intermediate products can be supplied to other bathtub production companies.

SERICO Yapı A.Ş. launched a ROBOT-CONTROLLED system for the first time in Turkey in its bathtub fiber line. All R&D works for this technology were developed and began to be used employing human and material resources within SERICO Yapı A.Ş, as a result of which standardization has been ensured in all products. In traditional methods this system is open to errors due to the human factor. At this stage, the human factor and therefore quality mistakes caused by human errors are eliminated. In addition, with this new technology, the resulting cost advantages have a positive impact on the purchasing power of end users.


All sensitive products in SERICO Yapı A.Ş. (hydro-message bathtubs and compact systems) are cut with ROBOT CUTTING machines and the necessary punching processes are performed. With robot cutting technology water-tightness and sensitive punching processes are made with zero mistakes and all possible future errors are prevented. Machines used in the glass sizing and patterning department and at the sanding stage are completed without any human error. With these machines the required laser-cut patterns are processed onto the glass with zero error and materials hazardous to human health, such as sand used in sanding, are prevented from contacting the worker who uses the machine.

Within SERICO Yapı A.Ş technological investments are being made not only on behalf of the product and user, but also paying attention to their importance in terms of occupational health. SERICO Yapı A.Ş works to create the overseas pillar of its sales and after-sales service policy in all processes from production to the end-user’s home. This has been performed with success across the whole of Turkey. Efforts are underway as per demands for applying the system abroad as it has performed very successfully in Turkey for many years and is improving on a daily basis. The search for the required partner and logistics center is continuing. SRC Yapı A.Ş Malzemeleri transfers its successful system in this product range and sets exportation goals.


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