Founded in 1995, TEKZEN is Turkey’s first DIY store. With its first store which was opened in Istanbul Merter, TEKZEN became the pioneer of the DIY store industry in our country. It grew rapidly with the right targets and strategies. It is also the only brand in the industry holding the titles of “Largest sales area in the DIY store industry” and “Most widespread DIY store chain”.

In its journey, which started with the strategy of opening one store in every province of Turkey, the 100% national capital TEKZEN reached 118 stores in 53 provinces. It contributes to the national economy and creates employment for thousands of people.


Offering a comfortable and cozy shopping opportunity to its customers with a total sales area of 220,000m2 in Turkey, TEKZEN continues its stable growth with stores opened both at home and abroad. With its store opened in Romania, it became famous for being the first DIY store to open a store abroad, and continued its investments abroad by opening a store in Cyprus after Romania.

Through different store concepts and distribution channels, there is a rich range of products at TEKZEN from furniture to lighting, decoration, and paint for living spaces such as homes, gardens, and offices. Thus, it offers its customers alternatives where every product can be found easily.

TEKZEN adds value to all its stakeholders, is aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, and adopts the mission of being a safe and successful business partner. It also has the following titles;

“First DIY store chain in Turkey”
“Turkey’s only 100% percent national capital DIY store chain”
“Turkey’s most widespread DIY store chain”
“Turkey’s largest DIY store chain in terms of square meter area”
“Turkey’s first and only national capital DIY store chain to have opened a store abroad”


TEKZEN Genel Müdürlük
Adress: Merkez Mah. Cendere Cad.No:30 Bab Plaza Kat:7Kağıthane / İstanbul
Phone: 444 8596
Web: www.tekzen.com.tr