TEMARI was founded by TEMA foundation and A. Nihat Gökyiğit and started its operations in 2002 based on the support of ANG foundation. TEMARI has been producing organic and 100% healthy products for 14 years with the motto “Everyone can have a healthy and natural life”.

TEMARI’s policy is to protect local producers and since its foundation it has continued its efforts with the principle “fair and honest” trade. This sensitive principle is the touchstone giving direction to the birth of TEMARI. It gives support to rural development projects in close cooperation with TEMA. And with every TEMA and SAKLI CENNET branded product purchased it also makes everyone who favors a healthy lifestyle a partner in this great cooperation. Most of the products are produced in TEMARI’s special lands, while some are procured from business partners who are specialized in their area.


The processing, labelling, storage, and marketing activities of TEMARI’s agriculture, apiculture, husbandry, and dairy products are evaluated by international certification company IMO CONTROL certification agency according to the standards of Regulation on the principles and application of organic agriculture and provides an accreditation guarantee of international companies as per TS EN 45011. The unmatched look and taste of the natural is thus under absolute protection. As always, TEMARI meticulously continues its efforts towards ensuring a sustainable lifecycle. TEMARI also provides training to apiarists for the production of organic honey in cooperation with Macahel Arıcılık A.Ş. and concludes production contracts and purchases and markets the produced honey.

In coordination with Swiss-based IMO certification agency, the honey of the producers whose laboratory results are positive is purchased by TEMARI A.Ş. and the amount and quality is checked at the packaging and sales stages. This purchased honey is put on the market under the names TEMA and SAKLI CENNET.


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Zeytinburnu – Istanbul / Turkey
Tel: +90 212 660 10 14
Fax: +90 212 660 10 66
Mail: info@saklicennet.com.tr
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